Great burgers? Great Presentation!

Presentation is everything. We offer a multitude of options to create one of a kind customized picks and markers for your unique burgers, drinks, desserts and skewers. We carry bead top picks and many other options that can help you create a special presentation. By customizing your products, you create customer awareness of your brand and your special signature.

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Drink Stirrers,
Oval top, Paddle top and Shield Top,

Burger Picks/ Steak Markers

Oval Top, Disk Top, Upright Oval Top, Billboard Top, Upright Billboard Top, Upright Rectangle Top, Shield Top, Paddle Pick, Flag Top

Material: Wooden
Pre-printed: Rare, M. Rare, Medium, M.Well, Well
Knotted Bamboo, Red Drum Top, Green Bead Top, Green Leaft Top, Paddle Pick, Disk Top, Oval Top


  • Create signature drink creations with your own personalized stirrer or pick
  • Create guest awareness of your brand
  • "Pick" and choose from a variety of options to set the look that you want to create
  • Top off your specialty dessert and skewers as well
  • Inexpensive marketing tool


  • Hotels
  • Restaurants

  • Meeting Places
  • Convention Centers

  • Country Clubs
  • Catering Facilities


Available in wood or plastic, these quality Burger Picks, Steak Markers and Drink Stirrers will help the kitchen clearly identify the correct temperature of each dish and they make a great presentation as well. Available as stock items or custom imprinted with your logo or mark.