Restaurant patrons can now take home unfinished bottles of wine with our tamper-proof wine doggy bag* (Some even spell it wine doggie bag).

RESTAURATEURS:  Have a wine doggy bag available to meet patron demands and SELL MORE BOTTLED WINE.

CONSUMERS:  Take a wine doggy bag along to your favorite restaurant or winery just in case you don't finish your wine.

WINERIES: Some states have included wineries in their law. Click here to see if it applies to your state.

DISTRIBUTORS: Give us a call if you are interested in selling our products to your customers.

RETAILERS: A wine doggy bag is a great giveaway or gift item for your customers to purchase.


*Wine-to-go, cork and carry, wine doggy bag and merlot to go laws vary in each state.  While information on this site has been taken from reliable sources, we suggest you speak with your professional advisor should you require additional information about the laws of a specific state.

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